Driving safe, Mathematics, and keeping friends

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The Nut Behind the Wheel on 99pi. It’s a dive into how we’ve got to where we’ve got to with car safety; a long way from where we were when accidents and deaths were blamed on the drive, rather than the design or construction of the vehicle. Did you know there was a database of all car fatalities in the US (Fatality Analysis Reporting System)? I didn’t, but it makes perfect sense to have one, and it has proved to be pivotal in getting car manufacturers to accept responsibility for the weapons on wheels they put out.

It’s the parallel between car safety and gun ‘safety’ that really jars though:

For every chapter in the history of auto safety there is an opposing chapter in the history of gun safety, generally written with the help of the National Rifle Association (NRA). Where advocates of auto safety sued car companies, advocates of gun rights have made it nearly impossible to sue gunmakers; Congress created a registry of drivers, and then made it illegal to create a registry of gun-owners. And for each of the hundreds of millions of dollars the the federal government spends on auto safety research each year, gun violence research gets pennies.

DJ Mathematics on The Cipher. Though he’s not strictly Wu-Tang, Mathematics is de facto Wu, and this interview more than explains why. Been a long time fan of his beats – Cobra Clutch was always a highlight on that Killa Bees album – but there’s plenty more to him that tbh, I only got out of this interview.

Also listened (off the back of the Mathematics interview) to the new Wu album a few more times and it’s a grower. I mean, hard to get a project like that together in 2017 and it not feel a little strained but there are some tracks on there worthy of adding to the catalogue.


Happiness Hack – I feel like I have more to say on this than I can write now, but essentially, the whole concept of ‘to be truly happy, you need friends’ thing doesn’t sit right with me. It never has. I do intend to follow this up, which is why I’m including this now :)

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