Emoji’s and an Egyptian library

Listening to

Notes on an Imagined Plaque and Person in Lotus Position, both on 99pi. The first one is a short but powerful imagining to do with a statue of horribly racist General Nathan Bedford Forrest, and in light of the recent furore around removing confederate monuments, is required listening. It’s so well done.

On a lighter note, the lotus position episode is on what it takes to get an emoji added to the official list of emojis, and now I want to try to submit an emoji.Seriously, I’ve thought for years that we need a West Coast W; there are countless situations where that would come in handy.. I can’t even begin to list them, there are so many *eyes emoji*. It doesn’t sound particularly easy to get one accepted, but it does at least now sound doable. I might do it. Watch this space.


Lost Languages Discovered in One of the World’s Oldest Continuously Run Libraries – a piece about documents that have been written over (literally, physically written over) multiple times which it’s now been possible to delve into properly – revealing texts in defunct dialects and previously undocumented languages. It’s amazing to me that languages can disappear at all, let alone be rediscovered in a way like this.

Those documents are housed in Saint Catherine’s Monestery, which houses a library full of books that I wish I had the ability to read. I’d also just quite like to visit it – it looks awesome. Big fan of libraries in general, but this one stands out a bit.

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