Gods, whipped cream, and Wilderpeople

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The final episode of Living with the Gods. There’ve been a couple of hiccups in the series, but all in all, another tick for ‘reasons to pay a license fee’; the BBC and British Museum have produced a thoroughly interesting series with this, and it was a pleasure to listen to. Could do with more in the same vein tbh. All ended too soon!

A 700-Foot Mountain of Whipped Cream on 99pi. Slightly different style to what you normally get on 99pi (courtesy of the episode being lifted directly from The Organist podcast) but nonetheless, I enjoyed this personal walk through radio advertising history. Sort of like an incredibly condensed version of Mad Men (but for radio), there are all sorts of stories and tidbits worth paying attention to.

So a Monkey and a Horse Walk Into a Bar on This American Life. An episode of two halves. The first, about David Slater and his famous ‘monkey selfie’ is great. The ridiculousness from PETA around that photo always annoyed me, so it was nice to get his account of events (only confirming the ridiculousness from PETA). The second part of the episode.. I, didn’t get on with. It’s a fictional story about someone becoming a horse and it’d be impossible for me to give any other details without resorting to a litany of negative words so I wont. Let’s just say, it wasn’t for me.


Hunt for the Wilderpeople. I don’t want to spoil any part of this film, but suffice to say: I loved it. Heard it recommended on an Adam Buxton podcast with Kathy Burke, and as it’s on Netflix thought I’d give it a go. I laughed, I cried, I swooned at how gorgeous New Zealand looks. It’s a wonderful film.

Taking photos of

another bournemouth beach sunrise

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