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Movie props, North Korea, and Romanian detectives

Listening to

Hero Props and Money Makers on 99% Invisible. Both episodes are about things behind the scenes in film making (and both quite similar things) so as a double header, this combo works well.

The first, about graphic design in films is an interview with Annie Atkins about her work on (amongst other things) The Grand Budapest Hotel. It’s always amazed me how much work goes into mise en scène that often goes relatively unnoticed. She says something along the lines of everything you see on screen being there on purpose – it’s a thing I’ve tried to appreciate since my A-level film studies days, and is a thing that I know some people refuse to believe – so it’s good to get some proof from someone who should know.

The other episode is specifically about fake money in films, which also need a lot of design work, but uniquely also tread the line between being aesthetically pleasing and illegal. It’s an interesting listen on quite a niche thing that again, would often go unnoticed. 2 perfect 99% Invisible episodes really.

J-Zone interview on The Cipher. This is an old episode (from 2015) but well worth a listen. J-Zone’s been one of my favourite people in hip hop for a long time and true to form, he covers a lot of shit and talks a lot of sense in this interview.


Escape from Camp 14. Not the most cheery thing I’ve ever read, but this account of Shin Dong-hyuk’s escape from one of North Korea’s political prisons is gripping and eye opening. I mean, I of course always assumed that those camps were horrific, but getting a first-hand account like this is all the more terrifying.


Binged on the whole series of Comrade Detective. I stumbled on it on Amazon Prime when trying to find something set in Romania but I’m so glad I did. It’s a Romanian police show from the ’80’s that has been ‘found’ by Channing Tatum and Jon Ronson and then dubbed for an Western audience. Only, it’s not that. I can’t actually explain what it is, you just need to see it. Think Garth Marenghi meets True Detective. It’s very funny.

Taking photos of

durdle door

some pink skies in the morning

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