Ponte City, football academies, and premier league kits

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Ponte City Tower on 99% Invisible. I’d seen images of Ponte City before – it’s a huge tower block in Johannesburg which crops up in various places because visually, it’s pretty remarkable – but I had no idea about the history of it. This is a really great episode, portraying Ponte as a microcosm of the country of South Africa; going into apartheid, immigration, and ambition. Highly recommended.

This video by Philip Bloom is worth a watch too (taken from the 99pi write up of the story)

The Adam Buxton Podcast: Ep 49 with Louis Theroux. I think that my favourite episodes of Buxton are the ones with Louis. I WISH WE WERE ALL FRIENDS. This episode had me laughing like a loon at the impressions of This American Life & S-Town people.


Football’s biggest issue on The Guardian. A really interesting look at football academies and the impact on kids who don’t quite make the grade to becoming a professional footballer. There are some startling numbers in there. Including: “Chris Platts, whose 2012 doctorate for Chester University was based on questionnaires and interviews with 303 17- and 18?year?olds in 21 clubs’ academies, says only four have professional contracts now – a drop-out rate of 99%.” It’s an odd system when you look at the stats, and think about the knock on effect it has on teenagers who put all their eggs into the footballing basket only to stumble and drop said eggs, leaving them all over the floor, and possibly on their face too. No-one should break all their eggs.


Premier League Kits in css. This week’s code-off challenge at work was ‘sport’. I built this. It’s fairly simple, but I like it. I was trying to use as little mark up as possible, so there’s loops and things in there, etc.

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