Ronaldo, Gods, and perfmatters


O Fenomeno. When I was 14, in the prime of my jumpers for goalposts era, the only foreign football I ever saw was on Football Italia (which was great btw, but that’s another story). The internet wasn’t a thing, there were no highlight reels on YouTube, there was no dubstep to lace them with – but despite that, I knew about this Brazilian dude who scored goals for fun (literally for fun). I actually can’t remember how.. think my mate Gary first told me about him, then maybe he was on Championship Manager with some ridiculous stats? But either way, fond memories of catching glimpses of The Original (And Best) Ronaldo then trying to recreate goals on the playground.

That article pretty much sums up everything great about him, and why I worked so hard to convince my parents to get me that pair of Nike boots. If you don’t know, and still think that Cristiano is the only Ronaldo, please get enlightened. The Phenomenon is the most apt moniker ever.

The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt. Bit late to the hype – it took me a while to start it, then a bit longer to finish it (it’s a whopper at nearly 800 pages) but I finally finished Donna Tartt’s latest book. Only another 6 or 7 years til the next one. Big big fan of her first two novels, and this is a worthy addition to the collection.

Real-world Web Performance Budgets. I mean, it sounds dry but practically, this was the most useful thing I read all week.

Listening to

Living With The Gods. This new series from BBC Radio 4 is proving to be pretty enjoyable. Daily 15 minute episodes on belief systems and their role in society. I’m not a religious person in the slightest, but I do find things like this – about historical religious activities – fascinating. (More about the series here.)

Believing and belonging appear, everywhere in the world, to be closely connected phenomena. To be a member of a group has, throughout human history, been to share its story and to participate on a regular basis in its enactment. These communal expressions of faith have been manifested in the objects used in or for religious practices.

Ear Hustle. I binged on the first 5 episodes whilst doing some decorating. Well worth a listen – there’s plenty of stories behind the walls of San Quentin prison. The main thing I’m taking from it is: fuck am I ever going to prison.

RZA & Mathematics on Combat Jack. Following the old RZA interview I listened to last week, this is a recent one. It’s mostly plugging the new Wu-Tang album (which fwiw I quite like after a few listens) but also covers a lot more of those RZA jewelz. The whole take on veganism is pretty compelling and definitely something I’m on board with in principle (though, I’m content with being like, 98% vegetarian).

La Sagrada Familia on 99% Invisible. Still not been to Barcelona so I’m yet to see this in person, but it’s always sort of fascinated me. The whole project sounds mental and I’m amazed it’s still going. Maybe I’ll wait til it’s finished before visiting. Anyway, this is a great bit of background on it and Gaudi.


Stranger Things 2. Isn’t everybody?

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