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Skid row, Scraps of Wisdom, and bitbucket pipelines


Some very exciting things about Bitbucket pipelines. Probably not everybody’s cup of tea, but this has been incredibly helpful in speeding up some workflows that I’ve had in place for years without really looking at. Specifically, around this site that you’re looking at now. Style tweaks and whatnot will be approx 9x quicker than they used to be, which is great.

On the road across North America in pictures. Does this count as ‘reading’? Maybe I need a sub category for ‘staring at’. Either way, it’s a small collection but does enough to stir the longing for another US road trip.


Little Scraps of Wisdom. The long awaited, most anticipated, highly celebrated, write-up to a talk I did last year at re:develop. I’ve been meaning to publish it for literally the last 12 months but never got round to it.. The anniversary of the talk was enough of a prompt to get me over the line though, so there it is.

Listening to

The Finnish Experiment on 99pi, about Universal Basic Income (and how the Finnish government uses an iterative approach to law forming) is an interesting look at how the concept is being trialed and what the effects might be.

Also on 99pi, The Containment Plan, about Skid Row in Los Angeles. I’ve skirted around Skid Row a few times when in LA, though have obviously never had any reason to venture in, (fully aware of my bubble of privilege). And while I was aware of it and I knew a bit about it’s history, this episode is an eye opener.

The edge of Skid Row is also clearly defined. “Main Street is the dividing line between the haves and have-nots,” says Dogon. “You’ve got homeless people sleeping on one side of the street, and the loft buildings on the other side of the street.” And this dividing line wasn’t drawn by accident. It’s the result of a very specific plan to keep homeless people on one side and development on the other. And, perhaps surprisingly to outsiders: it’s a plan that Skid Row residents and their allies actually designed and fought for.

Hip-Hop Saved My Life: Adam Buxton. Not so much actual hip-hop in this one, but still pretty great. He’s always great, Buxton. Extra points for bringing back memories of this video:

Also, a couple episodes of The Cipher: Ras Kass & Slug. I’ve been a fan of both artists for a couple of decades now, so really enjoyed these interviews. The Slug one in particular is pretty wide-ranging and well worth a listen.

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