the bridge

the trailer for 'the bridge'. a documentary on suicides at the golden gate bridge.

jesus camp

watch the best bits from this chilling, frankly terrifying film

dick in a box

christmas present idea... courtesy of saturday night live

sage francis x sarah coleman 2

some super goodies available to buy from sarah coleman; creator of lots of truly fantastic work themed around the equally fantastic sage francis. how fantastic!

frank miller’s 300

an excited look at the trailer for for the film of frank miller's take on the Battle of Thermopylae.. dope.

pleasure like no other

a nice, completely original advert for 'sphere'. answers on the back of a postcard if you can guess the product.

dj format – 3 feet deep

a look at the superfresh (in content, not age) video for dj format's 3 feet deep as well as general loving of the work of paul neave.

GTA x Coca Cola

viewing of that Coca Cola advert which is done in a style not disimilar to Grand Theft Auto.