Colour Pickr

A drag and drop colour picker type thing

What is this?

Colour Pickr is an online colour picker tool for selecting some values (RGB and Hex) from any image on your computer. It's basically just a bit of playing around and toying with bits and bobs of HTML5 / CSS3 / AJAX / JQuery / (insert cliche web buzz words here).
(for a bit more info, read this post).

It's not perfect, or 100% accurate and it might behave a bit oddly occasionally, but it's just an experiment. Feel free to share any comments, thoughts, constructive criticism or advice @mattnortham.

Who is it for?

Anyone that has an image that they want to extract a colour from.

Not to mention, if you just like dragging images around aimlessly, you might find this a bit fun.

Just to note..

This tool previously referenced a popular provider of colour systems and technology for accurate colour communication but due to all sorts of trademarks and whatnot, no longer does. Hope it still proves to be useful though!

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The Magic

Click on any colour within the image above to start the magic..

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