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Mississippi River Road Trip

In 2012, we took a little drive from the Headwaters of the Mississippi River at Lake Itasca, Minnesota all the way down to New Orleans, Louisiana. It's quite a trip, and there's a lot to see. I actually made a little site 'specially for it: which goes into a bit more detail about the things we did. This here though, is a small selection of the photos. Each one is tagged with the location on Flickr, so click through if you want a bit more information.

mississippi river gifts o' the wild paul bunyan & babe the ox! nauvoo temple downtown nauvoo hummingbird lighthouse view from above it's a fixer upper old signage reflections mississippi headwaters sunset ford parkway home of frozen custard longest train ever mississippi basin train and river nauvoo water tower


windsor ruins diner delights crazy place to build a road beale street sunset arch room 306 stop obama browsing you are beautiful rosewood plantation strike the pose kaskaskia bell concrete or something afternoon rain longwood plantation sunset cathedral atchafalaya swamps