Hello. I am Matt Northam.


(M.A., B.A., Lvl 42).

I’m a web designer/front-end developer/whatever the buzzword is at the time of reading. I basically just like producing nice looking online things that work. A professional internet maker.

A bit of context

I’ve been making web content in various forms since bodging together my first Wu-Tang Clan fan site in the mid-nineties. I fluctuated between using everything from homestead’s drag and drop page creator (shout if you remember that) to Frontpage crafted sites hosted on a free Angelfire account. They weren’t necessarily pretty to start with but they were fun to do and put me on track for a life spent slaving over pixels and code.

Since then, I’ve become alright at producing pages that are constructed with all the html and css goodness that any self respecting contemporary web type should use. As of today, I'd count myself as a fan of responsive web design, SASS and WordPress in particular, though all that could change at any given moment.

As well as the glorious html/css that I craft, I can also get my hands dirty enhancing sites with PHP / SQL database integration, jQuery and even a bit of Flash if that still floats your boat (all those years writing AS3 still come in handy now and then).

Personal bits

Hip-hop, photography, my boxfresh baby daughter, National Trust properties, football, 90's dance music; these are a few of my favourite things. I can't lie though - I spend the vast majority of my time aimlessly poring over the generic internet in the hope of finding a video better than this one. (It'll never happen).


I’m available for the occasional bit of design or development work so if you’re after something, don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll see if I can help.