This is horribly out of date and in the process of being updated (it's now 2018, lots of things coming soon) but for now, harken back to the pre 2013's, with things like:

7 Words You Can Say On Twitter

Sadly, this is no longer live - but there's an explanation of what it was on the blog, as well as a page picking out some of the highlights from the 6 months or so that it was running: facts and figures of naughty words on twitter. Fairwarning, there's a lot of swearing.

Colour Pickr

Originally called 'Pantone Pickr', this was a tool I built to tell you the Pantone src of any colour you passed to it.

It worked quite nicely, until those meddling lawyers from Pantone got involved with a cease and desist, so now it's generic colour picker.

There's also a lengthy explanation of what it is and how I built it over on the blog.