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  • HTML
    • Semantic
  • CSS
    • SASS
    • SMACCS
    • BEM
    • Tailwind
    • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
    • Vanilla
    • Angular
    • React
    • Vue
  • Accessibility
    • AA compliance
    • Auditing
  • Performance
    • Optimisation
  • Responsiveness
    • Browser support
    • Devices
  • GIT
  • Gulp
  • Webpack
  • NPM

Buzzwords, screenshots and logos clearly don't tell the full story, so if you're interested in the details, let's chat.

Agency life

Working with some great people, my role was frequently to define & implement the front-end approach, covering the essential HTML + CSS, with sprinkings of JavaScript (++ Angular, Vue, React) where appropriate. Accessibility, browser support, & providing that va-va-voom, were all part of the service.

CodePen experiments

Most of the things on my CodePen account are examples of me trying out new things, or experimenting within the browser. Anything from new CSS techniques to speech recognition, from generative art to data visualisations, I tend to play around here before working out how to bring it into actual projects.

Plenty more to come..

As I said at the top, there's only so much you can convey with screenshots, so I'm working on some more elaborate case studies which go into more detail.

Until then, we should speak in (socially distanced) person.