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I sporadically write about all sorts of things, grouped into these categories:

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10 Little Scraps of Wisdom

This is an adaptation of my talk from re:develop聽on 14th October, 2016. It's about how being a parent has helped me be a better developer.

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Running my first Code Club

A recap of my first Code Club term at the end of 2013, and some preparation for doing at all again.

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time for change

Vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote vote.

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gta iv IS ny

the level of detail in this game is amazing

April 2008

March 2008

is your child a tagger?

Taggers come from every race and socio-economic background. Although most taggers are males there are female taggers.

February 2008

meet the world

flags can tell a lot about the country they represent

find 815

'lost' get's even more layered

January 2008

skins series 2

excitement (of a sort) builds for the new series

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October 2007

no more bacon

The exclusive torrent site 'OiNK' is gone gone gone.

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praise to the NHS

May 2007

artzmania vol 3

i'm a contributing artist in this months' artzmania magazine

April 2007

cobra starship

an mp3 and a video from the best band i've seen all week

March 2007

gta iv

some pictures from the next in the GTA series

get the glass!

A 3D, superb dice based game.. Simply a joy to behold!

it’s n.w.a. day!

A great rendition of "Help The Police".. Ice Cube would be proud.

February 2007

lupercale unearthed

The site where Romulus & Remus were said to be suckled by a she-wolf has been discovered in Rome.

January 2007

zack’s back

Not to be confused with alleged funny man Zack Braff, this is in honour of the reformation of Rage Against The Machine.

back in business

scpgt: Now equipped with (gs) and Wordpress 2.1. It's on!

film titles collection

"Forget the film, watch the titles" - a new site dedicated to film title sequences.

new trailer for 300

Another new trailer for this film based on Frank Miller's graphic novels. It's astounding.

the bridge

the trailer for 'the bridge'. a documentary on suicides at the golden gate bridge.

apple iPhone

my contribution to the furore around the new apple iPhone which is apparently able to aid in planetary conquests, it's that good. chart – 7.jan.2007

my chart for the week ending january 6th 2007. featuring mobb deep, wu-tang, and nas in an east coast bonanza!

jesus camp

watch the best bits from this chilling, frankly terrifying film

December 2006

dick in a box

christmas present idea... courtesy of saturday night live

dj shadow. live.

a review and some pictures from the dj shadow gig in bournemouth on 7th december.

fun in amsterdam

a small review of my birthday visit to amsterdam. clog-tastic!

November 2006

sage francis x sarah coleman 2

some super goodies available to buy from sarah coleman; creator of lots of truly fantastic work themed around the equally fantastic sage francis. how fantastic!

frank miller’s 300

an excited look at the trailer for for the film of frank miller's take on the Battle of Thermopylae.. dope.

October 2006

sage francis x sarah coleman

retrospective of what looked like a great show of artwork based on sage francis lyrics. i wasn't there. but the man himself was.

the minotaur reading

a substantial, rather beautiful piece about the true pressures of being the minotaur.

pleasure like no other

a nice, completely original advert for 'sphere'. answers on the back of a postcard if you can guess the product.

August 2006

dj format – 3 feet deep

a look at the superfresh (in content, not age) video for dj format's 3 feet deep as well as general loving of the work of paul neave.

GTA x Coca Cola

viewing of that Coca Cola advert which is done in a style not disimilar to Grand Theft Auto.

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