FED Handbook

Front-End Developer Handbook 2018. So good and so so so thorough. There’s plenty of imposter syndrome that sneaks in while reading some of the sections, and definitely some 'wait, they earn WHAT?’ when looking at the salary section, but that aside, it’s a great summary of everything front-end. The parts on learning new things are already proving particularly helpful and I can see myself dipping back into this many times.

Do I really need to learn React though? I’ve toyed with the idea for years now and still have no interest in doing so. I’m hoping that if I continue to leave it long enough, it’ll stop being a thing.

Listening to

99% Invisible 302: Lessons from Las Vegas. A chat with architect Denise Scott Brown about Modernism and the *anti-*Modernism of Vegas in the 60’s.

…Robert Venturi and Denise Scott Brown took all the maps and notes and observations that they and the students had collected, then, together with their teaching assistant and co-author, Steven Izenour, they put it all in a book. Published in 1972, it was called Learning from Las Vegas, and it would go on to be hugely influential.

It’s a short episode, but when it finished I felt like I’d been listening for hours – in a good way! Really compelling, with plenty of little tidbits that sparked off deep dive googling. I really liked the idea of ducks vs decorated sheds (and there’s another article on 99PI which sums it up), and I’m sure there’s something in there that can be applied to web design.

The Cipher 104: Scarface. Another one of those people that I admire and respect but if I’m honest, I don’t actually listen to. I rate a few singles, but I don’t think own a Geto Boys or Scarface release. He’s a don though, so I do acknowledge that should probably change. Plenty of good chat in this episode, and really interesting to hear him talk about having the name 'Scarface’ and the knock on effect that’s had. Think about the pseudonym you pick – it’ll define you!


Fargo Season 3. Bingeworthy. Another season I’ve loved. That V. M. Varga. Eww.