Listening to

99% Invisible 299: Gerrymandering. It’s something that seems like less of an issue over here in the UK (though, does exist; there was a kerfuffle over redrawing constituencies a couple of years ago… though tbh, I don’t actually know what came of that), but America seems ripe for gerrymandering fun. On the surface, it’s easy to say 'gerrymandering is bad, don’t do it’, but this episode does a good job at covering off why it’s problematic to resort to reductionism. There’s a whole series dedicated to the detail which has been added to my listen list – The Gerrymandering Project.

The Cipher 234: Epic Beard Men. Ostensibly a track-by-track of their new album, this interview goes well beyond that. Always a fan of Sage and b.dolan talking with words, so this was a great listen.


The Defiant Ones (Netflix). I only really knew about Interscope and Jimmy Iovine through the hip hop side of it all, so there was plenty of new and interesting stuff in here for me, from Springsteen to NIN… but, it’s the hip hop side of it all that I really enjoyed. You also get a fair whack of Beats marketing which I could do without, but I binged on all 4 episodes and have no regrets. The stories from early NWA, Snoop, Eminem, Death Row, all of that… LOVED it. It’s also a gorgeous watch, really nicely put together.


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