Listening to

The Cipher: DJ Head. This interview with Detroit stalwart DJ Head is more than just a series of Eminem & J Dilla anecdotes, but it’s the Eminem & J Dilla anecdotes that I came for and it’s Eminem & J Dilla anecdotes that I got. Really though, some top chat about that era of hip hop in Detroit – I’m a fan, and this interview led to me digging out a few albums I haven’t played for a while.

Adam Buxton: Paul Thomas Anderson. The Daniel Day Lewis impression is gold. Also, the ramble chat. Not enough about Boogie Nights for me (though tbf, it’s very clearly not a 'film’ chat), but the parenting chat is plentiful and good.


[The Story of Combat Jack, hip hop’s Flagship Podcaster]( hops-flagship-podcaster.html). Briefly touched on Combat Jack before christmas, and there was a great Cipher episode about him last month, but if you prefer a longread, this is the place to find it.


Everything Sucks! on Netflix. It’s not amazing but it’s good (and short) enough to quick watch for a fix of 90’s nostalgia. I’d prefer a UK version, but there’s plenty in this that made me go 'I did that!’ with embarrassment and glee.