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What Had Happened Was.

Open Mike Eagle Sits down with the legendary Prince Paul to discuss Prince Paul’s life, impact, and role in the world of Hip Hop.

I’ve been saving these 'til they’re all done, and have now whizzed through the first 5 episodes (of the 12 that have been put out) covering his work with Gravediggaz, De Le Soul (specifically 3ft High & Rising), A Prince Among Thieves, Chris Rock, and MF Doom. It really is a fantastic series; the conversation is slick, it’s inclusive (if you have no idea about any of his work), it’s in-depth, it’s funny, and it’s just dope.

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Britain’s obsession with school uniform reinforces social divisions by Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett.
As I’m currently experiencing the fun and joy of trying to sort uniform for both my kids, dealing with some ludicrous queues and stock issues from the one shop that provides clothes for their school, a lot of this article speaks to me.

It’s not only the availablity and cost thing though, it’s the weirdness in general. I’m not a fan.

Why is it that, as a nation, we are so faithful to the concept where other countries are not? Why are so few alarmed by the need of educators to strip a child of his or her individuality at so young an age? And why do proponents continue to hide behind the falsehood that they help poorer pupils?

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Winamp skins.
“Infinite scroll through 65k Winamp skins with instant search and in-browser interactive preview” thanks to Jordan Eldredge. Like many other people of a certain vintage, I have fond memories of Winamp (and yes, it’s odd to have a special place in your heart for a bit of software). Probably spent more time changing skins on the player than I did playing MP3s on it, so it was a lot of fun browsing this archive and trying to decide which one I’d install today.

A Winamp skin, in a 2Pac style