Gender equality is not a 'women’s issue’ – it’s good for men too. It was International Women’s Day last week, and in amongst the tweets from Richard Herring, and me posing for a slightly awkward photo to support something I genuinely believe in (see below), there were plenty of articles about why equality is needed. I thought this take was quite interesting, focussed as it is on the male benefits of gender equality. I appreciate that by me choosing to highlight an article which makes IWD about men, this could look bad, but I do think that it’d be great if more men could appreciate that equality doesn’t mean taking away “men’s rights” and in fact, we (dudes) might actually get something out of a society that doesn’t see things like childcare as something women do. Imagine!

me supporting International Women's Day 2019

This draft paper by The CSS Working Group for CSS Nesting.

This module introduces the ability to nest one style rule inside another, with the selector of the child rule relative to the selector of the parent rule. This increases the modularity and maintainability of CSS stylesheets.

SCSS is still the default for me on pretty much every project, and there are plenty of things in it that make it worthwhile, but it’s great to see things like this make their way into pure CSS… how long before we ditch SCSS entirely(?)

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99% Invisible 338: Crude Habitat. Topical, as my view out to sea is currently blemished by an oil rig, this episode talks about the impact of offshore drilling. It’s bad. Oil companies are awful and rigs are bad bad bad. Or are they(?)

Oil platforms are particularly popular structures with fish in part because of these surfaces and niches, but also because they extend hundreds of feet through the water column like a marine skyscraper. So they provide homes for fish living at different depths — younger fish tend to live higher up the platform, for instance.

It seems obvious in retrospect, but I can’t say I ever considered the habitat argument for keeping oil platforms in place. I mean, they shouldn’t be there in the first place but once they’re in, is it worth leaving them in?

Parentland – Getting Them to Listen. This is a new podcast from BBC World Service and off the back of this first episode, I think I’m willing to subscribe. Interesting chats about behaviour and discipline, with some differing international perspectives (good old World Service). For the record, I won’t be smacking my children anytime soon.


A ton of clips from various The Prodigy shows. Like this one from Reading Festival 2009 which remains one of my favourite nights ever.

I was going to say that this is because of the horrible news about Keith Flint this week but tbh, I watch these clips most weeks anyway. Absolutely unreal live show that never ceases to get me amped. I found myself getting incredibly sad when I heard the news, and I’m gutted that I wont ever get to see that live show again, but then I’m really happy that I’ve got amazing memories of those nights when they completely – almost literally – blew me away. So, so SO good. Even watching on YouTube, I still get goosebumps when Out of Space starts.