Listening to

Criminal 85: The Manual. This story reminded me of my early days on the internet when it was fairly normal to share things like the Anarchist Cookbook, and being at school sharing floppy disks of highly questionable material which apparently told you how to get high off of innocuous fruit and nuts… Except, more serious. It’s a story about a book which details how to be a hitman, and how it was actually used in a real murder. Grim, but it makes an interesting listen.

RHLSTP 165: Kathy Burke. She’s great. It’s a very good episode. The more I hear her speak, the more my appreciation of her grows. It started off about 20 years ago, liking Perry but it’s much more than that now.

99% Invisible 297: Blood, Sweat and Tears (City of the Future, Part 2). The concluding episode to last weeks start on the Bijlmermeer, it’s more about the migration of Surinamese Dutch to the area (and less about the architecture) and is equally fascinating. The whole ideal about what it could’ve been completely fell apart for all sorts of reasons, and ultimately it was a failure. This quote in particular hit home…

The Bijlmermeer, and maybe a lot of Modernism, was architecture for architects. It was a top-down, paternalistic approach to city planning.

I can’t help but think of the parallels with a web work… if you don’t involve people at the right stages, if you try to impose a grand design without engaging with and listening to the people who are going to work with it and use it, then it might look pretty, but it’s not going to be fit for purpose.

The Cipher 233: Erick Sermon. To be honest, I’m only a casual Erick fan… EPMD are undeniable, and I loved React and Music back in the day, but beyond that, I was totally ignorant to just how much he’s had his hand in. Stellar episode with a hip hop great. The music for this show is so good (I mean, it always is on The Cipher, but this in particular).